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How Often Should I Get a Massage?

I was very surprised in school to learn that the extremely affluent comedian and actor Bob Hope used a portion of his riches to get a massage every single day – sometimes more than once a day! It was a part of his healthy lifestyle, just the way someone might consider walking or lifting weights, …

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Body Maintenance (and why it’s so hard)

When asked, “Do you want to live long and grow old?” most people say yes, but with the caveat of not wanting to be sick or otherwise infirm. No one is striving to be back in diapers, incapable of self-bathing, or mentally adrift, yet our choices often contribute more to these potential outcomes than what …

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What Happens When We Sit

Prior to becoming an LMT, I sat at a desk a lot. School work, driving, video games, and ultimately working as an online editor and writer had cemented my sedentary lifestyle. There were countless hours of research and tasks at the computer and in the library, occupying my day and keeping me on my butt. …

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Are Massage Therapists Hippies?

It’s a fair question. Nowadays, we tend to use “hippie” to refer largely to earthy people who believe in healing and feel connected to nature, organic produce, and walking around barefoot—and many massage therapists do fit that description. That being said, there’s often a subtext to this vague hippie notion that can cause folks to …

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Walking Each Other Home

Recently, I had a lovely conversation with a client about a picture I keep hanging in the waiting room at Muscle Memory Massage. I found this piece of artwork at Sozo Thrift Co. in Avondale during the final days of my pre-opening decorating stint. Aside from the fact that it fits my space’s color scheme …

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