Muscle Memory Massage

Massage Treatments

Pricing: All massages are $40 for any 30 min., $80 for any 60 min., and $120 for any 90 min.

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A half hour of pure relaxation sure to leave you feeling refreshed (30 min)

A full night's sleep

A whole hour of care tailored to your body’s needs (60 min)

The Rip Van Winkle

An hour & a half of enchantment that you won’t remember and won’t forget (90 min)

Kick Your Feet Up

The ultimate treatment for your trotters and calves (30 min)


Sublime Shuteye

Good ol’ fashioned neck and noggin work seeing to your scalp, your face, and their base (30 min)

Driving me batty

Working together to intentionally target and treat your chronic pain (60 min)


Driving Me Batty II

Working together to intentionally target and treat your chronic pain (90 min)

Grinding My Teeth

“Say aah!” – no tools or needles required. Meticulous massage in and outside of the mouth to alleviate TMJ dysfunction symptoms (60 min)

Massage Terminology Explained:

What type of massage do I need?


Swedish massage is the one that most people think of first. It’s a light to moderate manipulation of the body’s soft tissue, during which you can completely zone out and drift off. Swedish massage is often chosen for those who are looking to alleviate stress or body pains from normal daily activities.

*Choose: Catnap, A full night's sleep, or The Rip Van Winkle

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is akin to Swedish massage, but has a different goal. The deeper techniques used are more well-suited towards treating chronic pain, muscle injuries, and sports injuries – as opposed to pains and kinks from daily activities or poor posture.

*Choose: A full night's sleep, or The Rip Van Winkle

Neuromuscular Therapy

NMT is a methodical modality that requires the client and therapist to remain in active discussion throughout the session. The purpose of this type of massage is to seek out “trigger points” in the body, which are causing chronic dysfunction. Examples would include tingling, numbness, burning, pain, or aching in the arms, legs, or fingers.

*Choose: Driving Me Batty I or II

Specific Massage

Specific massages focus on a target zone and may be selected for relaxation, pain alleviation, or a mix of both. While the lower leg and head/neck options may be self-explanatory and highly customizable, a TMJ disorder massage is far more structured and requires some communication during the session.

*Choose: Kick Your Feet Up, Sublime Shuteye, or Grinding My Teeth